Woodside Fencing Center, Inc. (WFC) was established in 1986 as a fun, family-oriented fencing school, club and training center. It is conveniently located in the heart of Woodside, Queens, N.Y. (take the #7 train or the LIRR to 61st Street-Woodside stop and walk to 57th Street). We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced fencing classes for recreational fencing as well as competitive training for those who wish to participate and succeed in fencing tournaments.

Fencing is a sport for children (as early as 9 years old), teenagers and adults. It instills discipline, sharpens reaction time, provides a full body workout and builds confidence.  Modern fencing requires the courage, stamina, speed, and agility of a fighter combined with the ability to out-think an opponent. There is nothing like the exhilaration of battle, the pleasure of movement, and the physical/mental challenges that you gain from fencing!

The modern sport of fencing resembles the old dueling styles of past centuries.  For protection, today's fencers wear a steel mesh mask, strong protective clothing and use flexible, blunted blades. Safety is the key. We follow rules set by the United States Fencing Association and United States Fencing Coaches Association.  

WFC is a US Fencing Coaches Association Guild Academy and is certified to train USFCA  Assistant Coaches. Woodside Fencing trains with all three competitive weapons: Épeé, Saber and Foil.   Members of our Fencing Team have earned medals in all three weapons at national, regional and local tournaments. For the past ten years, our staff has worked with the Sports and Arts School Foundation. We work in multiple capacity with  SASF/NYC Department of Education Public School System:  Champs, festivals, championship clubs, mentoring and summer programs. Our business consists of contracts with over thirty (30) New York City public schools. WFC also trains and develops NYC physical education teachers towards satisfying their continuing education credits.     WFC has also participated in fencing presentations for film production (most recently, a promotional video for the Olympics), as well as concept content for major corporations and community events/fairs.